ubies (“we”) pay the utmost attention to the protection of the personal information provided by our customers who use these services (these “Services”).
If you use these services, we will regard you as having given your consent to this privacy policy (this “Privacy Policy”).

This Company shall protect personal information in accordance with the policy described below:

1. Collection and Use of Personal Information

We will limit our obtainment, use and provision of personal information to the minimum extent within the purpose of the intended use described below
and necessary for the performance of our business operations, and will use the same in an appropriate way. When we collect personal information, we
will specify our purpose for such collection, and never disclose or provide any of such information without obtaining the relevant customer’s consent

2. Administration and Protection of Personal Information

This Company will administer the personal information we have collected in an accurate and appropriate manner. Furthermore, we will take appropriate
measures to prevent the loss, destruction, alteration or divulgation of personal information.

3. Purpose of the Use of Personal Information

The purposes of the use thereof shall include provision to a third party, outsourcing, and joint uses with affiliated business entities for the purposes
described in items (1) through (7) above.

We will administer the registered personal information with the utmost care. We will never use any of our customer’s personal information without
obtaining the relevant customer’s consent.

4. Obtaining and Collecting Personal Information

We may collect personal information of the customers who use this website (this “Website”) by the means described below:

5. Disclosure of Personal Information

In principle, this Company will not provide any personal information identifying a member or other similar person without obtaining
the consent of the member or the person. Such provision shall be made only where such consent is obtained by specifying each party to whom the retained personal information is to be provided as well as an outline thereof. Provided, however, the cases enumerated below are exceptions:

6. Administration of Personal Information

We will handle the personal information we collected in an appropriate and secure manner.
This Company may provide personal information upon the outsourcing of the treatment of such information as a part of our services including mailing, in which case such provision is subject to the condition that a system to protect personal information is ensured by each consignee.

7. Cookie Information

Cookies aim to facilitate a customer’s convenience to browse this Website upon their re-visits thereto, and do not violate such customer’s privacy or give any adverse effect to the computer used by the customer. While it is possible to refuse to receive cookies depending on the configuration of an Internet browser, such configuration may impede the use of any function or service installed in or furnished by this Website. As to how to configure an Internet browser, please make queries to the manufacturer of the software.

8. Change of the Content of this Privacy Policy

The terms of this Privacy Policy are subject to change. Unless separately stipulated by the Company, the Privacy Policy after any change shall take effect from the time it is published on this Website. It is advisable to check this Website from time to time to understand this Company’s Privacy Policy.

9. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

Japanese laws shall govern the interpretation and application of the terms for the use of this Website. Furthermore, the Osaka District Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction of the first instance over any dispute concerning this Privacy Policy1 or those between this Company and any user.

10. With regard to any inquiry on personal information, please contact:

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Supplementary Provision

This Privacy Policy shall become effective from 2 December,2012.

Enacted on 2 December,2012

ubies(ユビエス)は, 本サービスをご利用されるお客様にご提供いただく個人情報を,大切に保護することに最大限の注意を払っています。  本サービスをご利用いただいた場合,この「プライバシーポリシー」に同意していただいたものとさせていただきます。


1 個人情報の収集と利用


2 個人情報の管理と保護


3 個人情報の利用目的

上記(1)ないし(7) 記載の目的のため、第三者提供、外部委託、提携事業者間での共同利用等を含むものとします。


4 個人情報の取得・収集について


5 個人情報の開示

当社は会員等個人を特定する個人情報について,ご本人の同意を得ずに第三者に提供することは原則として行いません。提供先・提供内容を特定した上で,ご本人の同意を得た場合に限り,提供するものとします。 ただし,以下の場合はこの限りではありません。

6 個人情報管理


7 Cookie情報

Cookieは,お客様が当サイトに再度訪問された際,より便利に当サイトを閲覧していただくためのものであり, お客様のプライバシーを侵害するものではなく,またお客様のコンピューターへ悪影響を及ぼすことはありません。 インターネット閲覧ソフト(ブラウザ)の設定により,Cookieの受け取りを拒否することも可能ですが, 本サイトの機能またはサービスがご利用になれない場合がございます。ブラウザの設定方法は各ソフト製造元へお問い合わせ下さい。

8 プライバシーポリシーの内容変更


9 準拠法・裁判管轄


10 個人情報に関するお問い合わせは下記にご連絡ください。