Grand Prize

Thomas Yang (Singapore)



I like this piece because the concept behind it is very strong. The symbolism and the meaning behind this work really make it stand out. I love the way he used the bicycle tracks to apply the paint/ink. This is awesome execution. Bicycle Mon Amour is also my favorite in the series.


Pairing his two interests -- bicycling and art -- struck me as very novel. He uses bicycle tires to create an aesthetically pleasing, artistic form, while at the same time expressing the feeling of travelling by bicycle through a city. I give this piece high marks for the potential this idea suggests -- that bicycle tires, a standalone tool, can develop into a range of ideas and different shapes.! I was also amazed at the way he used these new environmental elements to take a piece from an idea to final production and realize it as a complete poster. Today, as everyone talks about the excess waste produced by ink and paper used for printed matter, I thought the idea this piece presents is an apt one. Since bicycles are an environmentally-oriented form of transportation and represent something new, I think it is telling how clearly and succinctly the piece reflects this overall message.! I am already excited to see in what ways this project takes the themes of architecture, the environment, and cities and combines them to express future visions of the city.