Asia is a font of creativity now.
The passion and energy of a nation growing at such rapid speed, as well as the excitement of the creators
in the middle of it all, The Asia is full of massive potential. I wanted to find some way to find a way to share
all this with creators in Japan, Asia, and the rest of the world. This desire resulted in the creation of “Ubies,”
our network for connecting creators throughout Asia.

“ubies,” which means “Where are you?” in Latin, is an independently developed SNS service that is meant
to be a platform which links people and gives them a framework to work together freely. Here we hope to
provide a groundbreaking system solution that allows people in creative fields to encounter the best people
(artists or producers) and the best opportunities (clients or projects) regardless of language, distance,
or nationality, and thus give rise to new creative expression. We strive to make chances for creators
to broaden their horizons and build the type of warm, borderless connections that come from learning
each other’s cultures and values.

As Asia continues to grow rapidly and its countries deal with their own great potential and issues
while they search for a better tomorrow, they connect despite their differing cultures.
The moment they become captivated by the creative culture of each other’s countries mutual
understanding deepens, and there is a chance for shared respect.
It is our hope that ubies will help link the creative scenes of Asia and thus allow everyone to create new
values and a truly rich era together.

– ubies founder Hiroaki Shono

What you can

“Ubies” ― Straight from Asia, a creative network for the world.
We cross national and language boundaries to form our creative team,
and propose a new model of creative work for the next generation.

Point of ubies

01. Create your own personalized creative network
ubies connects you directly to creators, producers, and clients. By
following the people who interest you,
you get regular updates on their newest artwork, activities, news, and
more on your timeline feed.
02. You can ask for support from local coordinators registered with ubies
in each Asian country for linguistic and project management problems
in your international projects.
You can also ask for support from ubies directly.
This will facilitate your interactions with foreign parties.
03. Purchase creative works in your preferred format
With our on-demand production and sales order system, you can turn your
favorite creators’ works into T-shirts,
iPhone cases, bags, framed hangings and more. Enjoy your favorite art
in a new form that’s just right for you!
*This service will start in this Winter.

Our Company

Operating company
UBIES Co.,Ltd.
4F4-7, Nishitani Bldg Honkan, 1-10-11 Minami-horie,
Nishi-ku, Osaka 550-0015
TEL +81-6-6531-7775 FAX +81-6-6543-7017

2F Machihara Building 3-8-3 Nishi-Gotanda Shinagawa-ku Tokyo 141-0031
TEL +81-3-3493-3456 FAX +81-3-3493-3445